Kalevala Koru – Untamed Beauty

Kalevala Koru renewed its brand in early 2017. The aim was to modernize its marketing communications and get across to young urban women in particular.

Kalevala Koru wants to act in accordance with its original idea, paying homage to the Finnish woman.

In today’s Finland, the structural women’s inequality that existed 80 years ago, when Kalevala Koru was established, doesn’t exist any more. Instead, the life of young women is narrowed by appearance pressures and unrealistic definitions of a ”perfect woman” coming from outside. Kalevala Koru wants to encourage women to break matrices and definitions, to freely be just as they are.

This grand mission of the brand was crystallized in the slogan Untamed beauty, launched on 10 May 2017.


The Untamed beauty story was told in the form of a film. The idea was that the film should act more as a statement than a commercial film. That’s why not a single euro was ever invested in its distribution – all more than 750,000 views came organically.

The film started to spread quickly; in the 7 first hours it had already been viewed more than 100,000 times and shared more than 1,000 times on Facebook.

Kalevala Koru invited all Finnish women to join the Untamed. On its website, a simple service was constructed, where people could add the #untamed tag to their profile picture and share it on Instagram and Facebook.

The next step was to deepen the brand’s story with the help of the actors in the film. The film introduced a considerable number of genuine, interesting people, who now shared their personal stories on Kalevala Koru’s Facebook page and on Instagram. Among others, they included Miss Helsinki Sephora Ikalaba, who has had to put up with a lot of racist dirt thrown at her, as well as weightlifting world champion and doctor Anna Khudayarov, who had 11 laudatur grades in her matriculation examination. They told how they have had to fight prejudices all their lives.

The stories of the main figures also continued in the jewelry advertisement in print marketing and in shops. Now, down model Maija Mattila contributed her story to the untamed.