Aava Jäärähuolto service

Everyone knows the Headstrong: people stubborn enough to avoid seeing a doctor, even if their hernia’s on their lap or head on backwards. These old guard people often need to see a doctor, but have no interest whatsoever to do that. The worst-case scenario is for Headstrongs to pass away due to this stubbornness.

This was seen as an opportunity for Aava Medical Centre to create a commercial product that would also be a branding measure – while each Headstrong has ten people worrying about them.


As the Headstrongs are not interested in their own health or seeing a doctor, we designed the Jäärähuoltoservice for Aava Medical centre, enabling those worrying about the wellbeing of these people to buy a medical examination as a gift.

The entire care chain from booking laboratory tests to seeing a doctor – was made as easy as possible. We focused marketing efforts on people's relatives, instead of the Headstrong themselves.

When the Headstrong come to visit the doctor, they get a couple of gifts: a hand bailer and, particularly familiar for Headstrong folk that have spent time fixing cars, the Headstrong Service Manual.